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Win Free Chipotle Burritos for a Year

Sara Norris/Thrillist

First, the news that carnitas will make a gallant return to your Chipotle burrito, and now, a chance to win FREE BURRITOS FOR AN ENTRIE YEAR.

Oh yes, this is real. Chipotle just announced that beginning July 21, it will offer a new online game called Friend or Faux to inform consumers about how common fake ingredients are in chain restaurant meals (Chipotle prides itself on being GMO-free and using local, organic, and "responsibly raised" ingredients). While no one's really champing at the bit to play an educational game, we all definitely want to live in a world where we get our burritos for exactly zero dollars.

After playing the game, you'll automatically receive a buy-one-get-one coupon for a free Chipotle item, and be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the grand prize: free burritos for you and a friend for a year. Now it's just a matter of choosing which of your friends is worthy of being your plus one. Probably best to get them all into a competition for your affection right now. 

And if you don't win the big prize, fret not, there's still a chance to win lots of free Chipotle: 100 first-prize winners will get Chipotle catering for up to 20 people. Which would really just be the best party imaginable.

Now how do we get a lifetime of free burritos...? We'll basically do anything.

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