8 awesome rooster sauce tributes to help you cope with the Sriracha-pocalypse

Because it wasn't enough that we're running out of wine, it turns out we may also be facing a serious rooster sauce crisis. Thanks to a lawsuit by the residents of Irwindale City, who all claim the Huy Fong factory fumes are burning their eyes and giving them migraines, Sriracha production could shut down later this week. It would only be temporary, but obviously this is the worst news possible. To help you deal with the Great Hot Sauce Crackdown of '13, we found this amazing Sriracha fan art, all lovingly posted on the Internet. It'll ease the pain of sampling -- gulp -- homemade rooster sauce when the darkness falls.

American Psycho Sriracha
The Last Supper Sriracha
Need More Rooster
List of things to put Sriracha on
Spongebob Squarepants Sriracha
Lego Models Facebook
Sriracha bottle costume
Sriracha Carrie
Sriracha wasabi monster