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Idiot busted for stealing a $2800 Chick-fil-A cow costume

Known for controversial political views, crispier-than-thou chicken, and the #5 best french fries in the fast food universe, Chick-fil-A can now claim two more accolades: most expensive mascot costume, and most likely to throw the book at anyone who steals it.

The AP reports that police recovered a pair of 7ft tall cow costumes stolen from a SoCal location along with a pop-up canopy, because who knows when you'll need a canopy. Although the thieves were literally made in the shade, Redlands' finest boys in blue hunted down the missing costumes (valued at 936 Chick-fil-A sandwiches each, or $2800) through Craigslist, where the cow suits were being sold as Halloween costumes for a measly 117 chicken sandwiches, or $350.

The 43-year-old accused of flipping the costumes is now being held on $275000 bail, so it'll be quite some time before he gets to eat any more chikin.

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