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Watch These Korean Stars Fail at Eating Noodles on a Roller Coaster

When it comes to roller coasters, whether they're record-breaking or run-of-the-mill, many of us are lucky to just keep our lunch down. If you're on a South Korean variety show, though, things can be quite a bit different.

In the premier episode of Infinity Challenge, cast members Jung Jun-Ha and Hwang Kwanghee attempt to eat bowls of a Korean noodle dish called Jajangmyeon... while strapped into a moving roller coaster. It goes just about as well as you might expect, with hot noodles flying all over not only Jun-Ha and Kwanghee, but the two cheerleaders seated behind them on the roller coaster as well. Yes, cheerleaders -- this is a Korean variety show, after all.

After their abject failure, the rest of Infinity Challenge's cast members insist that Jun-Ha and Kwanghee attempt the challenge once again, whereupon they technically complete it by consuming a single bite each. If you're wondering why the other cast members look the way they do, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation: they attempted to put on makeup while riding the same roller coaster in a previous challenge.

Why can't America have shows like this?

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