Insomnia’s Guide to Getting The Most out of Your Cookie

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

We love cookies, but maybe that love has blinded us to the possibility of eating them better. And nobody knows cookies like Insomnia, the pushers of habit-worthy baked goods delivered from 12pm to 3am every day. So who better to recruit for some quick tips on the delicious dessert? Below, find three simple tips to upping your cookie game for real. 

1. Dunk your cookie in whatever you want

Even juice. Yes, we said juice. For the milk varieties, Insomnia isn’t particular to your dunking choice. Whole, two-percent, skim or non-dairy milk all work. Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, yogurt, coffee or cappuccino? Get in there. What's really interesting is how you can treat sugar cookies or ginger snaps. Drunk those bad boys in juice to bring out some interesting flavor combos. Though you may want to avoid the heavy acidity of orange juice.

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Don’t microwave your cookies

Duh, cookies are best hot right out of the oven. But the real knowledge here? It’s better to eat them cold then to try to reheat cookies in the oven, where they can get too dry. Think microwaves are the trick? Wrong! Microwaves heat by jostling the water molecules around. So if your cookie is already dry, microwaving might not help much other than melting the chocolate chunks, which have way more water content than the surrounding cookie. 

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

But if you’re desperate, at least microwave your cookie next to a mug of water

Those magic microwave... waves will boil the water, creating a steam cloud in the entire apparatus. That steam will permeate whatever food you have in with the mug, in this case it's your delicious cookie. Adding that steamy water vapor back into the dough will liven it up, so you won't just be eating molten-hot chocolate chips.