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Man Travels the World Eating Pizza, Which Seems Like a Good Idea Right Now

Published On 11/11/2016 Published On 11/11/2016
Ian Kreidich/Thrillist

If you're one of the millions of Americans contemplating hopping a plane to literally anywhere else this morning, consider Phil Duncan.

The British bloke and current Seattle resident, according to a recent Mashable interview, made it his mission to conquer the world one slice at a time. And 30 countries, five continents, 335 Instagram posts, and 20,000 followers later, Duncan has proven that pizza is the ultimate eye candy (though it doesn't hurt that he's also quite easy on the eyes himself).


"I noticed that my friends were liking my pizza photos a lot more than just general pics," Duncan told the news site when explaining the impetus behind this epic project. "So I just continued to showcase all the pizza I was eating in all the countries I have been to." And his dedication to his pizza lifestyle is strong: He even eats pizza for Christmas dinner, a culinary tradition the 28-year-old has kept up with no matter where he spends his winter holiday.


At this point, it's safe to say that Duncan, who also runs a sporadically updated blog called Travel Slice, is a pizza expert. If there were such a thing as a pizza sommelier, he'd probably ace the Master test blindfolded with one grease-stained hand tied behind his back and the other shoving deep dish down his gullet.

Asked about his top pizza destination, the Instagrammer's pick doesn't exactly come as a surprise. "I can't put my finger on a certain place," he said. "But I have eaten a lot of good pizza in NYC, so always have to say New York."


Duncan's second place pick, though, might come as a surprise to most pizza enthusiasts. "One of my favorite pizzas I've had was from a tiny little shack on the Perhentian Islands, which is a tiny Malaysian Island in the middle of the China Sea," he divulged.

Round-trip airfare from NYC to Kuala Lumpur is currently just under $700, so if you happen to have the means, you might want to jump on that, like, now.

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