Introducing the taco cleanse, the greatest diet the world has ever seen

Most "cleanses" are horrible, no-good, very bad diets that deprive you of delicious solid food and turn you into a crying rage monster. But some mavericks in Austin finally created a cleanse we can get behind, and that's because it's full of tacos

Food blogger The Lazy Smurf laid out the tiers of the taco cleanse via an illuminating blog post. Because while the rules of this thing are pretty clear -- you eat tacos all day, every day -- it's got all sorts of levels. At the lowest end of the commitment pole is the "mild" one-day cleanse. Just 24 hours of tacos, but Lazy Smurf promises your mood will improve. The next rung is the "medium" three-day bender, which pledges increased energy. Things start to get serious at the "hot" one-week level, where your outlook on life improves, but you're only a real taco connoisseur if you tackle the "FUEGO" cleanse. It's a whole month long, and promises to ignite your entire life with passion.

Crucial note: the guide instructs cleansers to add margaritas "on an as needed basis" in the early rungs. Hardcore FUEGO-ers are advised to include margs a couple times a week, working themselves up to every day

The Lazy Smurf and her fearless team of taco scientists are doing FUEGO for September. If you're a local, you can join them for dinner at several planned meet-ups around the city or hold out for their National Taco Day bash on October 4.