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The Sriracha legal nightmare is over, rooster sauce is safe

In the most crucial legal decision since Marbury v. Madison, the people of Irwindale, CA voted last night to ditch their ongoing lawsuit with Huy Fong Foods. This means Sriracha is no longer a public nuisance, its factory won't get shut down, and the rooster sauce river will keep flowing to its devoted fans. Justice = served.

The Irwindale City Council had complained in their lawsuit that the Huy Fong Foods' factory fumes were burning residents' eyes and scratching up their throats. This led to a judge ordering the company to stop producing the odors, with the health department shutting down production for a month before the council branded the factory a public nuisance. Things had gotten so dire, secret "Sriracha delegations" from Texas had been meeting with Huy Fong head David Tran in case he needed to exit California entirely. But everyone's cool now, and you can devote your hours spent worrying about your supply to figuring out how to join a Sriracha delegation instead.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She knows very little about law, but has watched a lot of SVU. Follow her to Ice-T witticisms at @kristin_hunt.