Ja Rule wants to shake up your culinary game with a microwave cookbook

Ja Rule cookbook
JaRule.net / Sorrento

Every thug needs a lady, but that thug's gotta eat, too. Ja Rule is coming right at preeminent rapper-chef 2 Chainz with a microwave cookbook, based on his cooking adventures during his two-year prison stint. Ja dropped news of this glorious ambition on Geoffrey Zakarian's Sirius show "Food Talk", where he was joined by fellow luminaries Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelsson, and Guy Fieri. Apparently the man picked up mad microwaving skills while in the joint for tax evasion, and even learned to nuke lasagna and cheesecake in prison. He now wants to share his knowledge in an all-purpose book, though no concrete plans are in the works yet. While he works on closing that deal with Random House, may we humbly request some Holla Holla Challah and Thug Lovin' Chicken Kiev?