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Parents tell kids they ate their Halloween candy, hilarious tantrums ensue

Published On 11/05/2013 Published On 11/05/2013
Hey Jimmy Kimmel I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy reaction

Evil genius Jimmy Kimmel has been encouraging heartless parents to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy since 2011, and the reactions have been reliably priceless. (Sorta like when Crest gave children "healthy" candy.) This year's installment just dropped, with all the high-pitched wailing and tiny-balled fist action you can handle. When they aren't screaming, some of these children have quite the zingers -- "You don't even have a gallbladder!" being our favorite. Overall, we see a promising sarcastic comedy act for that kid who thumbs-upped, and a reality TV career for that girl who called her sister a bitch.



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