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Hungover? There's a cab for that.

Published On 12/18/2013 Published On 12/18/2013
Kabuto Noodles hangover taxi
Kabuto Noodles

Because you wisely refrained from showing your boss 50 pictures of your dog, you didn't get fired at the office holiday party. Congrats! But that shot of bottom shelf whiskey isn't sitting too well this morning, and you don't have time to grab some much needed breakfast. Time for the hangover taxi.

A benevolent noodle shop in London by the name of Kabuto Noodles is capitalizing on the holiday party season with "Kab-U-To Work", a taxi service that gets you to your job in one piece after a night of boozing. On top of hauling your sorry ass across town, Kab-U-To Work provides you with a to-go cup of Kabuto Noodles, orange juice, mints, paracetamol, and sunglasses to ease the pain of your impending 9a meeting. You do have to pre-book this life-saving lift, but at least you have options. Either drop them an email or tweet at them using #Kabutowork with your specs.

It's only in London for the time being, but Kabuto plans to expand to other cities in 2014. And they want you to tell them where! Go beg/bribe them for hangover cabs over on their site.



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