Watch Katz's Deli serve 125yrs worth of pastrami sandwiches

On top of boasting killer sandwiches and grouchy Jewish waiters, NYC landmark Katz's Delicatessen is really damn old. So old, in fact, that it hit the big 1-2-5 this year. CBS News commemorated the deli's delicious reign with this awesome vid, featuring the likes of Mario Batali and Jim Gaffigan. (The Hot Pocket connoisseur explains, "Some dads take their kids to museums. I take my kids to Katz's.") It's all pretty great -- and, for a stretch, pretty orgasmic -- plus it packs in more than enough food p*rn to justify second lunch.

If you don't feel like congratulating Katz's by dropping $5k on those special Air Force 1s, this is probably the next best thing: