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So there's a Colonel Sanders auction, and you can buy his "Honorary Texan Award"

KFC/Heritage Auctions

Sure, everyone agreed that your Colonel Sanders Halloween costume back in 2007 was "finger lookin' good", but you can take it to the next level this year by actually owning some of the Colonel's personal belongings, which KFC has just generously put up for bidding at Heritage Auctions.

All the proceeds from the items will go toward Feeding America and the World Food Programme, and things like a leather portrait of Colonel Harland (current bid: $50 -- a veritable steal for any leather portrait!), as well as an "Honorary Texan" award presented to him by Dolph Briscoe, the 41st Governor of Texas (DUH), are available for bidding. You can even watch the auction live on video on October 28th, if you're so inclined. Just call us the Secret Recipe to your success.

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