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KFC fried-chicken corsages will make you king of prom, everything else

Clearly mad with power after releasing their own Big Mac, KFC is now attempting to nudge dress store DEB out of its prime spot on the prom market with fried-chicken corsages. The floral wonder -- guaranteed to get you a hot make-out sesh/attacked by rats -- consists of a drumstick on a bed of baby's breath, and sells for $20 (plus shipping) on KFC's site.

Each order entitles you to a corsage of either real or silk baby's breath (depending on your proximity to the Louisville florist running point on this operation), plus a $5 KFC giftcard so you can go pick up a fresh drumstick at your leisure. Best act fast, as there're only 100 of these beauties available for sale. If you still need convincing, just watch what happens when an earnest young man gives his date a KFC corsage in this ad, which is so true to life it might as well be a Ken Burns documentary.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would've lost her mind over a corsage with a mini Chipotle burrito back in the day. Follow her to food-filled flowers at @kristin_hunt.