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KFC Japan is introducing deep-fried soup fritters. Celebrate?!

Published On 09/03/2013 Published On 09/03/2013
kfc japan corn porridge potage fritter deep fried

You would think the biggest advances in frying would come from America, birthplace of both the deep-fried nacho burger and your weird uncle who has a commercial deep fryer in the back of his Subaru BRAT. But forget those things! KFC Japan, in its fits of crazy deep-fried wisdom, has created deep-fried soup -- they take corn porridge, batter it up, and bathe it in oily glory to create a creamy-yet-crispy fritter that uncle Jack would really love. There're even real corn kernels embedded in there, so act quickly and embed them in your stomach -- if you happen to find yourself in Japan after September 5. Though chances are America won't tolerate being behind in the race for deep-fried domination for very long, and we could soon see these stateside. Chicken Fingers crossed?



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