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KFC is now opening a coffee shop

KFC Colonel's Cafe
KFC Japan

Your #1 destination for chicken corsages is expanding yet again, this time into the cafe game. On November 28th, KFC Japan will launch "The Colonel's Cafe", a coffeehouse (with pancakes!) that's set to take the city of Kobe by storm.

Kotaku reports that The Colonel's Cafe will serve French press espresso and hot teas like Earl Grey, as well as New York-style cheesecake, coffee jelly (it's big in Japan), and even pancakes with ice cream. But the KFC menu you know will still be there, just in case you want a shortstack and some Original Recipe at the same time. The Colonel's Cafe will be styled more like a Starbucks, judging from the potted plants and chalkboard, and will take up residence in the Foresta Rokko shopping center. With any luck, the coffee will also be served in buckets.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would like a statue of Colonel Sanders sipping tea for her future estate. Follow her to fantasy homes at @kristin_hunt.