Kids Try Dark Chocolate for the First Time, With Bittersweet Results

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Adulthood has a tricky way of making you think things are better than they actually are -- your $3,000/month 1-bedroom? Totally worth it! Working weekends? Who else is gonna do it? Dark chocolate? It's candy, that's good for your health!

As for that last lie, it only took a few children, with their pure, unfiltered view of the world, to call out dark chocolate for what it really is: a bittersweet, rigid piece of melt-proof bark you've been rationalizing as "candy" for your entire adult life.

This Splendid Chocolate-funded effort, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, filmed several kids tasting the "treat" for the first time, on camera, for an Israeli television spot. The ad culminates with an adult woman, orgasmically indulging in the dark stuff, with the tagline "When you grow up, you'll get it." The little ones in the video didn't seem too sure about that...

"...To be honest," said agency rep Eva Hasson, "None of the kids really liked it. Most of them begged us to stop and one even cried."

It's okay, children. That's how I used to feel about whiskey. Now I drink it every night.

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Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and thinks everyone who likes dark chocolate is a filthy-mouthed liar. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.