Get ready for "Special Chili" and "Sublime Bitter" Kit Kats

Kit Kats
Andy Kryza

In a world where bacon Sriracha lollipops exist, it was only a matter of time before our beloved Kit Kats caved under the mounting pressure to get weird. That day is officially upon us with the announcement of the world's first Kit Kat store, a Tokyo shop which'll feature new, insane flavors that will make purists who were shocked by the release of "dark chocolate" pass out.

According to Kotaku, the Kit Kat Chocolatory will launch Friday at the Seibu Department Store, where it'll pump out limited-edition, seasonal Kit Kat varieties aimed at "adult tastebuds" (stay away from any chocolates wearing tiny leather masks). The new flavors will join other unique Japanese flavors like wine and strawberry tart, but that's just the tip of the chocolate-covered iceberg. Other flavors will include "Sublime Bitter", a yellowish candy made with fancy couverture chocolate; "Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea", featuring real cherry blossom extract; and "Special Chili", which sandwiches chili pepper cream between wafers (insert Anthony Kiedis joke here).

The popularity and actual quality of these things remains to be seen, but for now, just pity the poor Japanese commercial actor who has to make "break me off a piece of that Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea... Kit Kat bar" work. Maybe there's hope for the Micro Machines Man after all!

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