Cookie Dough Kit Kats Are Your New Snacking Obsession

There are times in life when two pretty much perfect things join together in confluence to create something even better than the sum of its parts: Durant joining the Warriors. Bowie singing with Queen. Putting ranch dressing on cereal. (OK, maybe not that last one.) The latest addition to that great pantheon of team-ups is the Kit Kat/cookie dough mash-up bar. It's your new snacking obsession, and quite possibly the greatest candy ever conceived by mortal minds.

Spotted on Canadian shelves by The Impulsive Buy, the Cookie Dough Kit Kat (coming in the BIG KAT variety) has finally made its way to North America. It was so popular in Europe, Nestle struggled to keep it in stock -- not that anyone is surprised by that. 

Kit Kat Cookie Dough
Orton Stores

While we have yet to sink our American teeth into this sucker, amateur reviewers across the pond have enjoyed the bar (obviously). Really, the only complaint is that the cookie dough flavor might be a little too subtle. Of course, the answer is to always add more cookie dough.

While there is no guarantee that the candy bar will ever be sold on US soil, you can always order a bar from Ireland on Amazon -- but it will set you back a cool $25. 

Though, that's a small price to pay for a delicacy like this. And unlike your homemade version, you probably won't get salmonella. 

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