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Kit Kat Sushi Looks So Good, You'll Want to Eat 12

As with game shows and tentacle porn, Japan tends to get pretty weird/passionate about Kit Kats. It has Golden Kit Kats. It also has Kit Kat sandwiches. It even makes the candy in flavors like sake and wasabi

But ultimately, all pale in comparison to the Kit Kat sushi roll, which is perhaps the most delicious thing Japan has done with the candy. 

According to Tokyo Bargain Mania (and translated by Kotaku), the world's first "Kit Kat Chocolatory" will open in Ginza, a neighborhood in Tokyo. To mark the occasion, the store will be offering limited-edition Kit Kat sushi sets for about $26. A small price to pay for something so damn Instagrammable. 

The Kit Kat rolls come in three flavors: uni (sea urchin), maguro (tuna), and tamago (egg). And while that sounds very, very gross, the rolls are just facsimiles and don't actually match their flavors. For example, the bright-red "tuna" roll (pictured above) is actually a raspberry Kit Kat on top of puffed rice. You see! It's all pretend.

The yellow option pictured below, "egg," is a pumpkin pudding-flavored Kit Kat placed atop a puffed rice cluster, covered in white chocolate, and wrapped in real seaweed. And the "uni" sushi is actually just a roll made from a Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese-flavored Kit Kat. 

If only it was as healthy as real sushi, this would be the perfect food. 

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