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Confession time: we fell for the kobe jerky Kickstarter project that almost scammed hungry people out of $120,309

Ladies and gentlemen, it takes a big person/website to admit they were wrong. And while we only have like, 7% body fat and so are not "big", we have to admit that even we were had by the kobe beef jerky Kickstarter scam. Earlier this month, we breathlessly brought you news of Kobe Red's kobe beef jerky Kickstarter project. (In other news, our "k" key just snapped off.) Their goal was $2,374 by June 13th, and when the big day came, they had $120,309 pledged. Luckily, right before Kickstarter pulled the trigger on the cash flow, the makers of an upcoming Kickstarter documentary realized that testimonials and taste tests at food fests were fake, and that the jerky didn't even exist. The project was suspended. If they hadn't killed it, it would've been the biggest fraud in crowdfunding history, except for the ones run by Zach Braff.For more info on the scheme, check out this quick video from the whistleblowers themselves. If you're feeling hurt and confused right now, trust us, you're not alone. Zach Braff feels the same way.