In highly unsurprising news, Krispy Kreme is the most "craveable" chain in America

Krispy Kreme

The people have spoken. When it comes to food you'd run miles, swim oceans, and steal your niece's Barbie Power Wheels Corvette to smash into your face, Krispy Kreme is the winner by a mile

Consulting firm Technomic selected 115 national chains and asked about 350-430 people per chain to rate the places based on "craveable items I can only get at this restaurant". Turns out Krispy Kreme has the most devoted junkies, with their "Hot Now" signature donuts being the main attraction. Cold Stone Creamery, Auntie Anne's, Red Lobster, and Dairy Queen also scored super high on the craveability index, while places like The Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang's, and Chipotle all claimed solid spots in the middle. And then, batting less than 50 percent, were the cabooses: Big Boy, IHOP, Waffle House, and Bob Evans. (Don't tell Big Boy; this would just kill him.

Check out the whole graph below, or head over to Technomic for the full report.

Most craveable restaurant chains