This LEGO-Themed Restaurant Has LEGO Burgers and LEGO Tables

Since their inception in 1949 by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, LEGOs have always been a choking hazard. You're not suppossed to eat them. It says so right on the box. But one Philippine restaurant -- the aptly named Brick Burger -- is aiming to change that, and make it entirely plausible (and polite!) to play with your food with its namesake dish. 

If you can't tell by that massive image of a burger above this text, the recently opened restaurant specializes in creating a kaleidoscopic array of colorful LEGO-themed fast-food burgers. Owner Jergs Correa wanted to create a restaurant inspired by everyone's favorite architectural toy (sorry K'NEX). And, yeah... he pretty much did exactly that with these burgers with LEGO-shaped buns. It's nice to see someone live out their dreams. 

Brick offers 10 different styles of burger to choose from: everything from your classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, to a mac & cheese burger with bacon bits, to a "Wild Style" with onion rings, garlic, and BBQ sauce. 

Though not officially sanctioned by LEGO Corporate (how fast can you build a lawsuit defense?), Brick is obviously modeled after the iconic building toy, and even offers LEGO tables as distractions while customers wait and eat. 

And this is the Darth Burger -- caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, BBQ sauce... and yes, that is a black bun. I can't be sure, but digesting this sucker may be the only thing more painful than stepping on a LEGO with your bare feet.

Hopefully Brick will build a bridge to the States, so we can all find out together. 

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