From pizza to pie, the most delicious (-looking) Lego food creations ever

"Those Legos look good enough to eat!" is something only paste-huffers and that smelly kid from third grade have ever said. But you might finally be inclined to agree with those weirdos once you get a look at these incredible dishes made entirely of Legos. Whether you're feeling a rich mousse or smokey BBQ, these bricks have something to suit every palate. But seriously: don't eat them.

Lego Toast and Eggs
Flickr / cobalt123

Lego butter is potentially more real than margarine.

Lego Pizza

"Lego pizza Lego pizza," says Lego Little Caesar's Guy.

Lego BBQ
Deviantart / Aqua Designs

Either the scale is off, or those are the biggest hot dogs in history.

Lego Waffle

Even when you build it yourself, it's impossible to not get syrup everywhere.

Lego Yams

Sexy yams.

Lego Ramen

This is ramen. No, you didn't know that. But now you can tell.

Lego Turkey

Eat this turkey, and you won't be able to fall asleep for weeks.

Lego Pie
First Lego League Blog

This is the real cake boss.

Lego Burger
Flickr / ksablan

Welcome to Lego Burger, home of the Lego Burger, can I take your order?

Lego Spinach

Spinach looks better in Lego form.

Lego Cake
Flickr / Profound Whatever

That's a piece of cake.

Lego Chocolate
Flickr / Profound Whatever

This is just, like, a ton of chocolate or something.

Lego Egg and Fries
Flickr / David Ramalho

Eggs and fries! So classic!

Lego Sushi

It's mercury-free!

Lego Beet Soup

Beet soup, of course.


Now that's just sick.