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This 'Harry Potter'-Themed B&B Will Serve You Butterbeer for Breakfast

If you've spent most of your adult life waiting for an owl to drop your Hogwarts acceptance letter down the chimney, I've got bad news: You're delusional. But, I also have good news: You can now actually live out your delusions with a dozen of your closest friends at a delightful Potter-themed bed and breakfast in South Wales called Llety Cynin (a name worthy of JK Rowling herself).

According to Tasting Table, the UK-based B&B is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Potter book (The Sorcerer's Stone, or The Philosopher's Stone, depending on your country) by turning portions of its space into a Hogwarts-esque fantasy. It's for fans who would sell their left bludger to cozy up in the Gryffindor common room with a piping-hot mug of butterbeer.  


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The "Wizard's Tea" events are being held twice weekly, with an ogre-sized array of Potter-themed foods like chocolate frogs, mandrake cakes, Aunt Petunia's trifles, and obviously the aforementioned piping-hot butterbeer (it's not a party without butterbeer, guys).

If you find yourself compelled to head out to South Wales to live out your childhood (or current... don't be ashamed) Potter fantasy, you can book a slot here. Upon arrival, they'll even sort you into a house. Just pray you don't end up in Slytherin. Or with those Hufflepuff goody two-shoes. Or those snooty Ravenclaws, too. Actually, why does anyone want to be in a house other than Gryffindor in the first place? On second thought, I don't care. 

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