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The world is ending deliciously: dogs can now feast on lobster roll treats

Lobster Roll Dog Treats
Bocce's Bakery

Since dogs are already renowned for their refined palates (of course there's a difference between deer and fox poop), dog biscuit company Bocce's Bakery decided to up their treat game with a limited edition Summer specialty: lobster roll dog treats. You read that correctly. They're dog treats with A LOBSTER ROLL baked right in. Kind of. As an added bonus, they're also blasted with kelp and parsley so your dog's breath doesn't smell quite as rank as usual. We guess these incredible doggie snacks shouldn't come as a surprise from the people also behind truffle mac 'n cheese dog biscuits, but if you need something to reward your pooch with for not peeing all over the schooner at the Cape, look no further.