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Watch This Tiny Model Inhale a 2lb Burrito in Under 2 Minutes

Everyone's familiar with the fashion model stereotype: impossibly skinny, with a diet consisting entirely of apple skins. Flying in the face of that stereotype, though, is Nela Zisser, a professional model from New Zealand, who not only took on Mad Mex's Big Burrito Challenge last week, but completely demolished the 2lb monster meal with 16 seconds to spare. Check out her impressive performance in the video below:

To give a sense of how truly insane this is, your average Chipotle burrito weighs in at a hefty 1.5lbs, and most of us would be hard-pressed to finish one of those in the same two-minute timeframe. And lest you think it's a fluke, the 105-lb, 22-year-old Auckland native also took first place in a burger eating competition earlier this year. All this from the same girl who won 2013's Miss Earth New Zealand.

After she won that initial burrito battle, Ms. Zisser doubled down on the Mad Mex challenge and went head-to-head with a 300lb competitive eater "named" Devo Dvious two days later. While her opponent ultimately won the matchup, it was far from a landslide victory. She ended up finishing a few seconds after him.

And when the tortilla dust settles, he's a still a 300lb dude and she's a fashion model, which is pretty much the definition of the term "hollow victory."

Gianni Jaccoma is a Staff Writer for Thrillist, and there’s no way he’d complete this challenge without an intestinal hemorrhage. Follow his burrito-fueled existence on Twitter @gjaccoma