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New Chrome Extension Replaces Donald Trump's Face With Cheeseburger

Published On 11/11/2016 Published On 11/11/2016
Chona Kasinger/Thrillist

In the aftermath of Tuesday's election, half the country is as pleased as punch. The other half as incensed as a freshly neutered bull at a red-cape convention. Regardless of how you feel, there's no escaping the visage of our newly minted president-elect on damn near every website out there. Until now.

Behold the Chrome extension Make Trump Burger Again. It turns every photo of Donald Trump into a tasty cheeseburger that would make even Sam Jackson proud... and potentially convince him not to flee to Canada after Inauguration Day.

Screenshot via NYTimes
Screenshot via Google Images
Screenshot via Fox News

As you can see, the extension covers everything from The New York Times to Google images, and basically turns the entire Fox News homepage into one giant cheeseburger for the foreseeable future. It's still hit-or-miss on social media, so be warned: You might still see his unquestionably unique skin tone continue to pop up on your Newsfeed even after installation.

Still, for those looking to avoid making eye contact with the next leader of the free world, this may be the only way to manage being online at the moment. Now all Trump's denouncers need is an app that turns all politically charged Thanksgiving dinner conversation with distant cousins into a 30-rack of beer.

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