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This Guy Called Out His Jerk Cousin for Stiffing a Waitress Over Sour Cream

Published On 04/29/2015 Published On 04/29/2015
Receipt with no tip
Dave Infante/Thrillist

You've definitely got an embarrassing family member on Facebook, but have you ever dared to shame them for their stupid rants about Onion articles? When Dustin Clark saw his cousin bragging about stiffing a server on a recent meal out, he did what so few of us have: called him on his bullshit.

As Oklahoma's News 9 explains, the dirtbag cousin in question was apparently pissed to discover Joe's Crab Shack was out of sour cream during a dinner with his wife. So instead of processing the news like an adult, he wrote, "Find Sour Cream" on the tip line of his $71.23 bill and then gleefully posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook. Clark saw it and decided to restore his family name by calling out his cuz on his own Facebook page. Only he did one better by later going to the Joe's Crab Shack, tracking down the waitress, and personally handing off a card and $20. He's hoping his actions get people to tip better, and also his cousin off social media for the foreseeable future.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks the patrons of Joe's Crab Shack need to cool it. Follow her to clearer minds at @kristin_hunt.



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