The First Looks at 'Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party'

In what is one of the oddest, weirdly adorable celebrity pairings, Martha Stewart, a nice-ish lady who bakes cookies, is joining up with Snoop Dogg, an aging family man who gets baked, for a new VH1 cooking series titled Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party, the exact air date of which hasn't been released yet. (Weed joke in the first sentence!! Nice.)

But you already knew that, right

Now, courtesy of Instagram, we have visual manifestation of the unlikely pair's escalating friendship from their first week of shooting.

It appears we also have visual proof of Ashlee Simpson's attempt to thwart cultural obscurity. But that's not why we're here, folks. We're here to see pics of pics of Snoop and Martha and their squad. 

That's 50 Cent, noted vodka salesman, above. He popped by this past weekend to hang out with Snartha-Dogg (what the super-couple is now colloquially called). And below, we have the duo with motivational speaker DJ Khaled, each in pajamas, eating waffles, eggs, and popovers. Robin Thicke was also in attendance, but he's not pictured here because whatever. 

Snoop and Martha's friendship goes back a little ways (they both participated in Comedy Central's Justin Bieber Roast and once made mashed potatoes together, among various other highlights), but let's not forget it was only two years ago that Martha wished to be better friends with Snoop in a Reddit AMA. Which is some pretty heart-warming stuff in retrospect.

See more behind the scenes below!

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