Everything You Need to Know About the Master Kush Weed Strain

Can’t tell the difference between Blue Dream and Purple Urkle? Wondering what exactly’s in the Girl Scout Cookies you just smoked? We've created detailed profiles for each of the most popular, sought-after weed strains, in order to help cannabis users everywhere understand the different plants they’re smoking, eating, or otherwise consuming. Up next: Master Kush.


Depends on who you ask. Most say it’s a plant chosen from Hindu Kush genetics, but others (namely some of the Dutch seed companies) have claimed a Skunk #1 parent.

Place of origin

Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan/Pakistan, via Amsterdam

Approximate THC content

Medium (15%-20%)

What to expect

Don’t get into this during the daytime, unless you’ve got no plans and full cabinets. Though it traditionally tests lower than some of modern cannabis’ greater-than-25% THC hybrids, Master Kush packs an indica-dominant punch like few other varieties, reducing most users to a giggly, squinty-eyed, hungry stereotype. It's also known for having a bit of a “creeper” effect as well, getting stronger over time and often sneaking up on people. Master Kush is a great choice for relaxing in the evening, as it’s known for reducing stress and body pain, and encouraging sleep.

Master Kush weed strain, cannabis, trichomes
Ry Prichard

How to spot it

While there are different versions floating around (the Dutch version is generally different from what you see in California, often called “So-Cal Master Kush”), Master Kush commonly has rounded, pinecone-like buds that are dark in color (at times a grayish purple) and absolutely loaded with trichomes. The appearance and super-hashy aroma are similar to that of Bubba Kush -- the two strains are often confused for one another and offer a very similar experience.


With a very deep aroma that is heavy on pepper and hash, Master Kush has an almost leathery, ancient quality to it, which seems to speak to its origins in one of the original locales for cannabis production. Similar to the aroma, the flavor is dark and hashy, with notes of coffee and wood hanging on the palate.

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Ry Prichard is a freelance cannabis photographer and researcher who loves Haze more than just about anything. Follow him into the Colorado cannabis jungle @cannabisencyclo.