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McClure's Barbecue: Pork Shoulder Recipe



Pork Shoulder

Cook Time: 3 Days


4 pork butt

2 cups sugar

1 cup salt

2 cups soy cause

2 cups orange juice

4 cans root beer

1 cup North Carolina-style vinegar BBQ sauce

1 jar apple sauce.


1. Begin by trimming some of the excess fat off the pork butts, but do not remove too much off the top fat cap. 

2. Make brine solution (sugar, salt, soy sauce, orange juice, and root beer). Add 1 gallon of water.

3. Place butts in tight fitting container and pour brine mixture completely submerging them. Refrigerate for 24 hours.

4. Remove butts from the brine and dry them off with a towel.  Apply an even layer of BBQ rub. (Apply salt & pepper evenly if not included in the rub.)

5. Place on tray and cover. Refrigerate for another 24 hours. 

6. Remove and apply a thick coating of yellow mustard and refrigerate another 24 hours. 

7. Remove and wipe off excess mustard.

8. Inject the pork butts with a concoction of North Carolina-style vinegar BBQ sauce & apple sauce.

9. Heat smoker to 200 degrees. (McClure's only uses whole logs of hickory, pecan, peach, and apple. A clean burning fire with split logs that produce a blue smoke in a clean pit is perhaps the biggest step of all.)

(9 1/2. During competition smoking, McClure's also adds a water pan near the heat filled with water & a little apple juice for a bit of steam.  One of their favorite secrets is to roast certain vegetables at the front end of the smoker so their flavors permeate the meat as well.)

10. Remove the butts after approximately 20 - 24 hours, or an internal temp of 195. The best test is to see if the shoulder blade is easily removable.  

11. Let rest for 45 minutes and pull out the bone & pull the meat. Remove as much fat as humanly possible, but don't be shy with the bark.

12. Eat. 

13. Take Nap.