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The 100-Pound Big Mac Is Here to Haunt Your Dreams Forever

We've seen our fair share of "big food" making the rounds in 2016. Gargantuan sushi. Woks that feed 60 people. Oppressively large egg rolls.  But somehow, all of those engorged dishes don't seem as important as this 100lb (really, really, really) Big Mac created by the folks at Epic Meal Time, who took McDonald's signature order and Supersized it. But like, literally.

There doesn't seem to be a real purpose to this concoction -- aside from just trying to make a Big Mac that weighs as much as your little sister. But as you can see, it uses an entire jar of mayo as the base for its secret sauce, a mountain of ground beef, sheets of American cheese, about two dozen pickles, and buns/patties the size of toilet lids to create a mountain of fast-food burger that could easily feed an entire family or 20.

Fittingly, it was released just days before Big Mac inventor Michael "Jim" Delligatti passed away.

It made us happy, but also a little scared for the future. Scared for the children. Most of all, scared of what else people are going make enormous. I don't think my heart could handle a jumbo Doritos Locos

And yes, that is a challenge. 

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