McDonald's Is Giving Away 10,000 Bottles of Big Mac Sauce

For fast-food aficionados attempting to recreate the Big Mac's majesty inside a home kitchen, there is one thing that is always missing. And no, it's not a ball pit, a pimply teenage cashier, or 40 screaming toddlers. It's the Golden Arches' legendary special (or "secret") sauce, which has somehow stayed secret (well, mostly). Now, for the first time, Americans have a chance to snag a whole bottle of the salmon-colored wunder-condiment. McDonald's is literally giving it away, notes Mashable.

The fast-food mega-chain toyed with giving away bottles of special sauce in Australia in early 2015. It released 200 bottles to massive customer interest. Some of the bottles ended up on eBay, selling for almost $20k. That's about 5,000 Big Macs, for reference.

This new special sauce giveaway will see the release of 10,000 new bottles of special sauce in the States, released in conjunction with the unveiling of two new Big Macs (a Big Mac Jr. and a Grand Big Mac). Details of the promotion -- most important, how to snag a bottle of the Big Mac sauce -- will be made available to the public on January 25. 

"We know there's a lot of love for McDonald's Big Mac special sauce and, in fact, actually found it's the most talked-about ingredient when it comes to the Big Mac," McDonald's chef Mike Haracz told Mashable.

If you are lucky enough to wrap your Big Mac-loving mitts around one of these bottles, what's the first thing you'll put the sauce on? Eggs? A grilled cheese? A salad, even? Personally, I would put a glob of this stuff on top of a Whopper, just because I've always lived dangerously. 

We'll have to wait till the 25th to see exactly how we can make all this happen. 

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