McDonald's Take on 'Chicken and Waffles' Might Be Better Than the Real Thing

McDonald's Breakfast
Courtesy of McDonald's
Courtesy of McDonald's

You no longer need to pillage McDonald's "secret menu" to indulge in a handheld version of chicken and waffles. The chain is currently testing a Chicken McGriddle -- a fried chicken patty placed between two maple syrup-infused McGriddle buns -- at select locations in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.  It looks like McDonald's is possibly (hopefully) gearing up for an imminent nationwide rollout of the breakfast sandwich. Don't mess this up for us, Florida. You've already done enough. 

"Chicken McGriddles have been a not-so-secret, secret McDonald's menu item for a while, and we are thrilled to officially add it to the menu so all guests are aware and can enjoy this great sandwich," Sue Martin, a Florida McDonald's owner/operator, told Space Coast Daily

This is the second time McDonald's has tested the sandwich. While it isn't a direct chicken-and-waffle iteration, it's definitely a riff on the Southern classic that should quickly rise up the ranks of McDonald's breakfast favorites -- if it ever makes it on the menu full-time.

The sandwich is on the All-Day menu at select McDonald's around the Florida/Georgia border till the end of April. If you can't make it down there this winter (or wait for it to land in your own state), take a gander at these Chicken McGriddle 'Grams. Because a food isn't really a food till it gets filtered and shoved out on the internet anyway, right?

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