McDonald's Is Making Funfetti Pies for a Limited Time Only

Listen, all-day breakfast is great, but the real MVPs of the McDonald’s menu are the pies. They are flaky, hot, and super-cheap, making them one of the best fast-food desserts in the game. The chain’s secretly vegan apple pies are legendary at this point, but did you know that McDonald’s also makes a Holiday Pie that is actually Funfetti flavored? 

According to Brand Eating, the Big Mac-slinging chain is bringing back its festive pies that feature a sugar cookie-like crust studded with rainbow nonpareils (that is a fancy way of saying
round rainbow sprinkles).

Each of the Holiday Pies comes with a creamy custard filling, making it perfect for all the hot fruit haters out there in the world like me. Best of all, they are just 89 cents each which means even if you are down to your last dollar, you still have enough to buy a pie. 

The only downside? The Holiday Pies are not available at all McDonald’s locations. If you live in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, Southern California, or Texas though, you should be able to find a pie or two. If you don’t well... I’ve purchased a plane ticket for less. 

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Khushbu Shah is a Senior Food & Drink editor at Thrillist. She loves pie but hates hot fruit. Tweet her your favorite pie flavor @khushandoj