The McDonald's mince meat pies you'll probably never get to eat

McDonald's New Zealand mince 'n cheese pie
McDonald's New Zealand

Sick of foreigners running out of things to say about New Zealand after Flight of the Conchords, Lord of the Rings and "sort of Australia", the Kiwis took it upon themselves to add one more discussion topic to the canon: McDonald's meat pies. Beginning October 21, Mickey D's in NZ will mount an official reintroduction of the Georgie Pie, a steak mince 'n cheese pie with a serious regional following

See, Georgie Pie used to be its own super popular New Zealand fast food joint before McDonald's bought them out in the mid-90s. Fans of the meat pies have been clamoring for their return for years and, while it sounds like Ronald would sooner show up at one of Wendy's lame parties than bring back any standalone Georgie Pie restos, they're at least mixing the menu into the Golden Arches line-up.

After a test period in select spots earlier this year, the steak mince 'n cheese pie is ready to roll out in the eight locations that will serve as the "seeding restaurants" for Georgie. The expansion will continue into November and December, and McDonald's official NZ site even claims that 100 spots will be serving the pie by Santa's big day. So Merry Christmas, Kiwis! Or whatever it is you weirdos say.