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Meet your soulmate through SaladMatch, the most hilarious dating app ever

Published On 08/29/2013 Published On 08/29/2013
SaladMatch app

Did your last relationship end over your significant other's feelings towards balsamic vinaigrette? Dumb question, of course it did. That's why one dating app is picking up the slack from OkCupid and matching you with singles based on salad preferences. The thing's called SaladMatch, and we swear on our firstborn, which we're going to have with a person who loves Cobbs, that we're not making this up

SaladMatch is the brainchild of Just Salad, an NYC-based chain that prides itself on healthy lunch options like wraps, soups, and (you're gonna want to sit down for this) salads. The free app matches you up with fellow Just Salad customers based on your preferences, including salad type and regular Just Salad location. Because obviously you can't be caught in some star-crossed lovers crap with an Upper East Side girl when you're a Murray Hill Just Salad man! After you have a match, you can either approve it or next that sucker. If you click "yes", the app then suggests you crazy kids meet up to chat at the closest Just Salad

The SaladMatch people claim they made the app after they saw "their customers really hitting it off while waiting in line" and further promise you'll "never eat salad alone again". On the one hand, the childlike sincerity is adorable. On the other hand, oh my god, someone really thought a SALAD DATING APP was a great idea.



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