80% of Millennials Have Never Tried a Big Mac. Isn't That Weird?

If you have more followers on Snapchat than dollars in your bank account... you might just be a millennial. If you've never had a cable subscription, but own two Apple TVs... you might just be a millennial. And if you've ever tasted a Big Mac in your life, you might not be a Millennial.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (every Millennial's favorite paper!), only one in five adults between the ages of 18 and 34 have ever tasted Micky D's signature burger tower. As it turns out, young Americans are certainly not ba-da-ba-ba-bah lovin' McDonald's like their parents did.

It's not breaking news that fast-food profits are plummeting -- it's been happening for the better part of the past decade. And while all-day breakfast at the Golden Arches have proven positive -- it helped give the company an all-time high closing price in mid-May -- the company's stocks recently dipped.

As marketing analysts and writers for old-guard publications try to draw conclusions about the kids (like your middle-aged-bachelor uncle at Thanksgiving who wears puka shells), it's pretty obvious what's happening. Millennials are more health-conscious, and are increasingly interested in locally sourced products. To capture the hearts and and gastro-tracts of young eaters, McDonald's faces an uphill battle, and the House that Ronald Built is moving in the direction of the trends by joining other fast food leviathans in creating "upscale" burgers.

Does this spell doom for the Big Mac? Probably. Millennials never change their minds about anything, after all.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He actually blames Gwyneth Paltrow for most of the world's problems. Follow him @wilfulton.