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Good news for Montanans: Roadkill dinner is approaching reality

Still going to the grocery store for your meats? Pshhh. Amateur. Standing in line at Giant is a fool's game when there's plenty of mad fresh meat on the street -- or at least that's what the lawmakers of Montana think. Thanks to these dedicated public servants, the state's citizens may soon be able to bag all the roadkill their stomach desires.A bill allowing people to salvage animal guts for food is now entering a final vote in the Senate before it goes to Governor Steve Bullock for the last seal of approval. If this thing gets signed, Montana law enforcement officials would be able to issue permits to residents looking to score some tire-tinged elk, deer, antelope, and moose. (Unfortunately, the bill nixed furry animals, upland game birds, and migratory game birds from the menu.) And it turns out Montana isn't the only one hoping on the roadkill foraging train: Illinois already allows people to scrape up dead animals for food and pelts.Of course, some Montanan squares are hesitate to give the roadkill power to the people, but the initial vote was in favor 33-15, so those opponents better pipe down and buck -- PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED -- up.

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