People Are Revealing the Most Disgusting Meals They've Ever Been Served. And Wow.

"Just like grandma used to make" is generally meant to be a compliment, but if this Reddit thread is any indication, there's an entire generation that could benefit from a brief overview of the cooking essentials. For instance: Don't wash salad with dish soap. 

The thread was titled "What's the worst meal you've ever been served in someone's home?" and the responses were terrifyingly bad. Some of these dishes were cooked by in-laws, some by grandparents, and some by significant others, but all of them will make you grateful for your own family's cooking. What might be more surprising than the dishes themselves, however, is the number of people who power through and eat these meals out of pure love and/or second-hand embarrassment.

In a way, the thread is a beautiful tribute to the love each of us has for our loved ones. In another way, it's like Cooking 101: Read it so you never inflict these mistakes on someone you love.

Just Like Grandma Used to Make, Part 1

A sister learns the importance of seasoning 

Portions are important 

Meat & Fruit, Part 1

Just Like Grandma Used to Make, Part 2

Getting along with the locals

Coffee creamer ≠ heavy cream

Meat & Fruit, Part 2

Dessert needs its own dishes

Just Like Grandma Used to Make, Part 3

Meat & Fruit, Part 3

Just Like Grandma Used to Make, Part 4

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