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These Are the Most Instagrammed Restaurants of 2016

Published On 12/01/2016 Published On 12/01/2016

If you eat at a trendy restaurant and forget to document it on social media, did you even eat there at all? Such is life in the year 2016 -- where all of our culinary exploits are filtered and jettisoned out to the masses at every meal.  

But there are certain restaurants that are more popular to Instagram than others. 

Instagram crunched the numbers (it tracked its geo-tagging data) and figured out the 25 most Instagrammed restaurants of 2016. The list is totally coastal-biased (dominated by LA and NYC), and unsurprisingly packed with places known for their photogenic menu items. 

Enjoy, and never use Valencia. It sucks. 


1. Sugar Factory

Where: New York, New York
What: The most Instagrammed restaurant of 2016 is a place known for its completely bonkers, way over-the-top, candy-laced cocktails that were probably made in a lab by scientists tasked with creating the perfect ideal of millennial social media fodder. 

And goddamn did it work. 


2. Nobu Malibu 

Where: Malibu, California
What: This is a place to be seen. Perched on the beaches of Malibu, it presents the ideal backdrop to take pictures of a Champagne glass in your hand while pretending to be a celebrity. 

If you are lucky, you might even catch a Kardashian behind your shoulder. Or, at very least, a Jenner. The reality-TV family is known to frequent the popular sushi spot.


3. Tao (Downtown)

Where: New York, New York
What: Like Nobu, Tao is more about being seen eating stuff than actually eating stuff. This is the spot with the giant Buddha and the swarms of celebs you might have seen on TMZ. Other than that, it's filled with trust-fund babies, Google employees, and the occasional food writer who got a gift card from his parents. 


4. Katz's Delicatessen

Where: New York, New York 
What: This is not where Harry met Sally -- but it is where Sally moaned in fake ecstasy while Billy Crystal looked on in horror over his sandwich.

This is one of the few NYC tourists traps that actually won't remind you of the seventh circle of hell. Unless you're trying to snag a pastrami sandwich at 2am amidst a sea of intoxicated bros that swam over from the LES.

5. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Where: New York, New York
What: Aside from being a very solid burger joint, Black Tap is the home of some of the most egregious "Freakshakes" of the modern ages.

It seriously crams so much shit into its milkshakes that they pretty much cease to be milkshakes and become glasses of semi-liquified diabetes. But they look really great on an Insta-feed. So it's worth the insulin. 

And the rest...

Here's the remainder of the entries on the list. Don't forget to tilt-shift.

6. Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market (aka Bottega Louie), Los Angeles, California

7. San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant, San Pedro, California

8. LAVO, New York, New York

9. La Marina, New York, New York

10. Perch, Los Angeles, California

11. The Abbey Food & Bar, West Hollywood, California

12. Stubb's Austin (aka Stubb's Bar-B-Q), Austin, Texas

13. Acme Feed & Seed, Nashville, Tennessee 

14. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, Buena Park, California

15. Sugar Factory on Miami Beach (aka Sugar Factory Ocean Beach), Miami, Florida

16. Malibu Farm, Malibu, California

17. Blend on the Water, Long Island City, New York

18. Catch, New York, New York

19. Beauty & Essex, New York, New York

20. Salsa Con Fuego, Bronx, New York

21. In-N-Out Burger, Los Angeles, California

22. Serendipity 3, New York, New York

23. Republique, Los Angeles, California

24. Billy Bob's Texas, Fort Worth, Texas

25. Shake Shack, West Hollywood, California

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