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The Internet Is Flipping Out Over This NASA-Inspired Knife

Published On 11/29/2016 Published On 11/29/2016

Despite not being on the moon for the greater part of five decades and never even landing a small step on Mars (pff), NASA must be thanked for many of our modern life's conveniences. Water filtration, cellphone cameras, and even baby formula were born out of NASA technology. Now, kitchenware is taking one bold leap into NASA territory with a fancy knife. Naturally, the internet is freaking out.

The KNASA knife -- literally pronounced "KA-NASA" -- uses a patented metal alloy developed by Caltech (home of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and tested by NASA to create what the project calls "the first knife-making innovation in over 200 years."

Although the validity of that claim is up in the air, one thing is for certain: The KNASA knife is setting its Kickstarter funding ablaze, raising more than 11x the initial $20,000 goal with a current total of 2,062 backers. It's already one of the most popular food-related Kickstarters ever,  joining the ranks of the Golden Goose egg scrambler and the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven as one of the site's greatest hits.

So, what makes this knife so special? Essentially, you're looking at a knife that is simply stronger, more durable, and more effective than competitors' knives because of the blade's unique material. According to its promotional video, the alloy in the KNASA is twice as strong as titanium, which means the edge stays five times longer than your average knife. And at $79, it's relatively cheap.

It's also one of the sharpest knives in the world. And it'll stay sharp too, thanks to a nano-serration technology that basically means it sharpens itself.

Finally, NASA has done something useful for us common folk. Well, aside from all its regular groundbreaking technological discoveries and displays of human engineering and ingenuity. This thing can cut steak. That's what's really important. 

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