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Nathan's hot dog hero Joey Chestnut crushed a "brains" eating contest

Published On 10/15/2013 Published On 10/15/2013

Watching Joey Chestnut take on Kobayashi in the annual 4th of July hot dog eating showdown at Coney Island was basically our generation's Miracle on Ice, only with way more bloating and seagulls. That rivalry has ended since Kobayashi bailed on Nathan's in 2010, but his challenger Chestnut is still doing great things. Just ask the revelers at Minneapolis' 9th annual Zombie Pub Crawl, who witnessed Joey stuff 54 "brains" down his throat on Saturday. For freedom

The Minny Zombie Pub Crawl has seen plenty of weirdness over the years, but this brain-eating contest was a first. Of course, in this case, the "brains" were stylized pork tacos prepared by bizarre foods expert Andrew Zimmern's own A-Z Canteen. But that still makes Chestnut the nation's best brains eater -- dude housed his 54 count in just eight minutes, edging out runner-up Matt "Mega-Toad" Stonie's pathetic 53.5

Chestnut's efforts nabbed him $1000, and you can watch the whole intestine-defying thing below. IF YOU DARE



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