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Anthony Bourdain Has a New Cookbook Coming Out

Has your copy of Kitchen Confidential been looking lonely on your bookshelf? It's about to get a new buddy in the form of Appetites, Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook coming next Fall.

Eater has the exclusive on Appetites, which is Bourdain's first cookbook in 10 years. It'll include tips for hosting dinner parties along with culinary advice from the self-described "psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten." Publisher HarperCollins is further promising a pull-out poster breaking down the "tectonic and structural aspects of the perfect hamburger," but the text for that will be penned by Nathan Myhrvold.

Appetites is currently slated for Fall 2016. As an added bonus, cartoonist Ralph Steadman is designing the cover. You might know him from his many collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson, or his current label gig with Flying Dog Brewery.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is glad Flying Dog and Bourdain are now a degree closer. Follow her to Kevin Bacon-based games at @kristin_hunt.