We Tried Ben & Jerry's New Save Our Swirled Flavor

Sarah Anderson/Thrillist
Sarah Anderson/Thrillist

It's now entirely possible to eat a whole pint of ice cream by yourself while helping our planet!

Inspired by the Paris climate summit coming in December, ​Ben & Jerry's has released a Save Our Swirled flavor, made up of a bed of raspberry ice cream with marshmallow & raspberry swirls, and dark & white fudge ice cream "cones" (chunks of fudge shaped like mini-cones).

Ben & Jerry's has been traveling from coast to coast since April on its Save Our Swirled tour to spread awareness about the effects of carbon pollution and clean energy solutions (and to hand out free ice cream in the process). The company even traded in the classic ice cream truck for a 100% electric Tesla.

Sarah Anderson/Thrillist

We got the chance to try out the Save Our Swirled flavor when Ben & Jerry's dropped some off at the office. The classic raspberry flavor is a perfect mix of sweet and tart, delightfully balanced by the light swirls of marshmallow and a plentiful amount of chocolate chunks. It could inspire even the most passive person to get involved in the cause.

"Ben & Jerry's has committed to dramatically reducing our own carbon footprint in an effort to help keep warming below 2 degrees," CEO Jostein Solheim says.

Ben & Jerry's encourages fans to take action and support the move to 100% clean energy, and it's promoting global civic organization Avaaz's petition to world leaders to make this change. You can find out more about the campaign here

Activism has never tasted so good (or, like, been so many calories).

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