To kill you more effectively, the new Pizza Hut stuffed crust has white cheddar, provolone, AND mozz cheeses

Stuffed crust pizza is awesome, but it can always be improved with tacos. Or also, more cheese. Which is why Pizza Hut is rolling out a better, faster, stronger 'za that boasts three different cheese injections.

Starting October 20, you can order up a Pizza Hut stuffed crust pie with white cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella cheeses. This three-fromage experiment is apparently the chain's latest attempt to lure millennials and adults -- who are a group that is clearly against a single-cheese system -- to The Hut rather than kids and families. And according to the bigtime pizza barons, it could turn Pizza Hut's stuffed-crust line into a $1bil brand in just three years, which is a lot of cheddar. And provolone. And mozzarella

So, you could wait around like a chump until that momentous Sunday. Or you can hop on Twitter right now and beg The Hut for the stuff in your city a week early using the hashtag #3CheeseStuffed. Or you can journey to San Jose, CA; Salem, OR; or Silver Spring, MD, where they are apparently already being served, because those guys have high-level government connections.

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