Science Insists You Eat Bacon and Eggs for Every Breakfast


Science can be a cruel mistress, especially when she's telling you breakfast sandwiches are bad for hangovers. But science isn't always down on your beloved bacon and eggs. In fact, she thinks you should be eating more of them.

According to research out of the University of Missouri-Columbia, getting a high-protein meal like bacon and eggs first thing in the morning is key to staying healthy. Whereas skipping breakfast can lead to obesity, actually eating a morning meal (particularly one rich in protein) releases dopamine to your brain. Dopamine boosts your mood and generally makes you feel like a rewarded, content person. This means you're less likely to binge on snacks throughout the day, or seek out high-fat foods. This also means you're in a better position than your breakfast-skipping peers, who are gonna be grumpier and go for the baby-sized burrito at lunch to make up for it.

The bottom line is you should be eating breakfast. And while you're at it, consider your old pals bacon and eggs. They've certainly served Ron Swanson well.

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Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist. She welcomes this news with a hearty, "Yeah science, bitch!" Follow her to Jesse Pinkman quotations at @kristin_hunt.