The Buffalo Crunch donut is real, and it comes with Ranch

Eating a plate of Buffalo wings for breakfast might be a baller move, except it's also kinda gross. But eating a Buffalo Crunch donut? That's a no-brainer. Right now at the New York State Fair, Tim Hortons (aka Burger King's new ward) is selling a donut drenched in Buffalo sauce and dusted with a fine chip coating that begs the question: why did we ever bother with Boston cream?

Like any decent wing place, Tim Hortons offers their Buffalo donut in hot and mild varieties. Hot gets you the pull-apart yeast donut with Buffalo sauce, chip crumbs, and two corn chip strips as a garnish, while mild is all that, but cooled down with Ranch dressing. Both are $2, but you can only get them at the NY State Fair through Monday. Better grab your closest car/bike/hovercraft and book it to Syracuse ASAP.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and still has her Junior Train Conductor hat from the '10 NY State Fair. Follow her to other fair swag at @kristin_hunt.