Weed-infused Nutella is totally real

Snoop Dogg must've made a particularly choice offering to the Italio-Rastafarian gods this month, because behold: pot Nutella exists, and it is presumably gooooood. "Nugtella" is the handiwork of San Jose-based company Organicares, and does indeed combine hash oil with everyone's favorite hazelnut spread. You can only get the stuff at local dispensaries with a medical marijuana card, since most states would consider Nugtella quote-unquote illegal, end quote-unquote, but you can still gaze upon it via Organicares' super active Instagram account. It offers tons of recipe ideas, including funnel cake, Cocoa Krispies treats, and these peanut butter brownies just begging for some Nugtella spread.

Nugtella brownie

Nugtella is available in mini 1/4-cup containers, as well as the standard size, which offers 320mg of THC. Slow, lethargic claps all around.